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About The Photographer.....

I grew up in the mountains of western Maryland, playing sports, hunting, fishing, and many other outdoor activities.  When it came to anything involving photography, I was toying from time to time with ever increasing sophistications of film cameras, from the Fisher Price line of cameras to the Kodak instamatic to some varying versions of simple Canon point and shoot style cameras.  My excitement for photography was very, very little but always curious.  I finally secured, ahem…borrowed, a Canon AE-1 SLR camera, which opened the door to all that my mind could think up (not that that was necessarily a lot).  My pictures were a work of art, and I’m hoping someday someone somewhere will pay big money for those pictures of the men’s and women’s bathroom doors I took at a wedding reception way back when (I honestly was in first grade, I have pictures to prove it).  Hopefully I will still be standing at that time as I want to travel west and see the beautiful sites that exist there; like the world’s largest ball of yarn, or that big ditch along the Colorado River. 

After graduating from high school, I eventually went off to college where I earned my Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Maryland.  College was my first experience with this new “digital” fad that was going around.  Well, as you can tell, that fad drove Kodak almost out of business as the technology guru’s rebelled against the long lived ideas.  I carried that 3 megapixel camera with me everywhere, even when I was fishing along Savage River in Maryland and a young fawn walked up to me along the river bank, in my waders bleating like it expected more from me.  You truly never know when you will get exceptional picture opportunities.

So a couple years out of college, I bought my first Canon Digital Rebel and started shooting more and more.  I wanted better equipment, and it was never cheap.  Then, I figured, if I’m going to spend all this money, I might as well turn it into a business.  Since then, the Rebel has been passed along, the 20D came around, (2) professional 1D Mark IIIs have introduced themselves, a 5D Mark III and a wide range of varying specialty lenses have driven me nearly broke it seemed.

My love is where it started, wildlife and nature.  It’s my getaway, my relaxation; only slightly better than being in a tree stand on a crisp fall morning but definitely easier to clean up after the fact.  Whether I’m good at it or not, it’s fun to me.  I can spend hours trying to find the right angle, researching and playing with settings; ask my wife, it drives her nuts.  Being along the sidelines for sports is an adrenaline rush, especially along a high school field on a crisp fall Friday night when the fans are loud and the players are energized, or those rare chances I’ve had walking the sidelines of a college game.  Recently, I started roaming the sidelines at Mountaineer Field shooting WVU football for The Record Delta in Buckhannon. 

I also finally made my way to Washington state to shoot around the Olympic Peninsula and then Mount Rainier.  It was a great experience.  I camped in my car for 4 nights along the way so I could be at the right spot at the right time and wouldn't have to travel far for my sunrise and sunset shots.

Every time I go out, I learn a little more and figure out a better angle, or maybe a better lens to use in situations I never believed before.